We Need Your Input!

As those we have known in our Christian Science community pass on, we have felt it important to acknowledge them.  It was discussed at a members’ meeting some time ago as to how we could do this in an inclusive way – so that anyone could contribute.  What came out of this discussion was the idea to ask anyone who knew the person, to send in a sentence or two about a recollection important to them.  We will then collate those recollections and publish them on Feedsy  at a later stage.

In the spirit of community, you are all invited to contribute a short reminiscence about all or any of the following people.  Please email them to Kate at the Reading Room RRoomCSAdelaide@gmail.com.  She will collect these together for publishing.  Please indicate if you would like your name included as a contributor.    Would you please send your recollections in as soon as possible.

Bram deVink

Lillian Holt

Neil Bradley


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