Sterling Edition Webinar Replay

Hi everyone

It is a little while since we posted, but we thought that you might be interested in watching a Webinar which was made as part of The Mother Church’s regular information sessions for Reading Rooms.

It is now 10 years since the Sterling Edition was first published.  Hear Jen McLaughlin, the Publisher’s Agent,  talk about its development, including decisions even on the type of paper to be used for printing, and the edition’s progressive unfoldment and  future.  She also touches on the continuity in production of the Marble paperback Science and Health, which is part of the New Type Edition – originally introduced in 1952. All webinars on this link are around one hour long.

The following link takes you to the page where all the webinars are posted and I am sure there are others which might interest you – such as the one touching on the review and introduction of the new style Quarterly and on on the latest release of a revised Years of Discovery by Robert Peel.


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