Sentinel Watch Programs 2019

After many years, we will no longer be playing the Sentinel Watch programs on the radio.  The Mother Church has given this a lot of thought and listened to a number of perspectives on this.  Their decision has been taken with much consideration.

The Sentinel Watch program can still be heard on JSH-Online at

In the coming year, First Church Adelaide will be working to develop a website which will have a link embedded so that listeners can hear the program from a local website.  We will also be considering linking in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to link into the local community so we can get information out in a timely way.  Options also exist to undertake some radio advertising (possibly through 1197AM) so that listeners can be guided to new ways to hear the Sentinel Watch program Рeither online, or by coming into the Reading Room.

We will keep everyone informed of our progress in the coming months.


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