Reading Room Update

Hi everyone

The Reading Room is continuing to open for business for so long as trading is allowed.  If we need to close, you will still be able to contact us and we can still supply you with products via post. Our windows have been focussed on calming thought and we have had a good reaction to our posters on the A Frame out on the footpath.  A local GP wanted copies of the Be Kind and Stay Calm poster (not pictured) for her waiting room.  We also gave her a copy of Mrs Eddy’s article “Contagion.”  We have copies of articles in the window and in our free stand for people to take.

Here is a link to a wonderful part of The Mother Church website which has a great collection of helpful articles and so on.  If you don’t know about this resource, here it is!

If the Reading Room is closed, I will leave a message on the answering machine.  You can then ring me on 0409 671172 if you need any Reading room information.



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