Reading Room Products – Did You Know?

Hi everyone

Just a reminder on some products we carry which you might not know about – or might have slipped your mind….

Firstly we have a lovely collection of cards. ┬áThey are blank inside – ready for your special message and are suitable – especially the stained glass images – for anyone. ┬áThe individual cards ┬áretail for between $5 and $6 each. ┬áSome packs of 3 are also available.






We also have an Extra Large Print King James Version of the Bible. These have been quite popular with a typeface even larger than the Reader’s Version. ┬áIt is softcover and retails for $63.10. It sits nice and flat when opened on a table and would be comfortable also in your lap.















The following photo shows a comparison between the current “Sterling” ┬ástandard size KJV print and the Extra Large Print.







If you can’t get into the Reading Room, we can post any product out to you. ┬áSo if you have any questions, please feel free to ring and discuss your needs with us.

The Christian Science Reading Room is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday at 128 Gawler Place, Adelaide.

Telephone: 8223 3230





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