Reading Room Fruitage

Jenny, Pauline and I thought you all might like to hear of some of the fruitage from the Reading Room so far.


Just this last month, we have welcomed many enquirers about Christian Science.  A man purchased two copies of the Sentinel.  One person left with a copy of an article on display in the window called “Halting Hatred”.  Others have been given the pamphlet “What is Christian Science?”.

A lady came in to thank us for the quotes on our TV slideshow saying she walked past twice a day and really appreciated the good news messages she read.  Others have just seen that we are a Christian Bookshop and come in to ask about Bibles and Bible study books.  We have been given flowers by someone who appreciated our help.

A man walked past a couple of times a few weeks ago and then came right in and sat down on the comfy chair.  He looked up his phone and read, then came and purchased a Monitor.  I gave him a newsletter and told him about our Monitor discussion group.  He had looked up information about Mary Baker Eddy on Wikipedia on his phone while he was here and was glad he had.

A Christian Science couple from St Louis, Missouri came in during a short stop over in Adelaide.  Local students of CS have come in to quietly study the lesson, and to read.  Others in the field have been in to purchase literature and to find out what is happening.

Our window displays draw a lot of attention.  Several people each day stop to read some element in the window and are engaged at some level.

We have also been able to help the police with some investigations by supplying some of our video footage looking out onto the footpath.

Here is a photo of one of our windows – we can and do change these posters regularly as the circumstances demand.

More information next month!


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