Reading Room Fruitage – April 2019

Hi Everyone,

Here is our monthly report for everyone on RR fruitage for April.  We hope you enjoy.

This past month we have had many visitors – including a student from a nearby school who comes in to read Science and Health when she has a spare moment.  She walks past every day for school and was curious about our understanding of the Bible.

A young man – attracted by the Cross and Crown logo – and particularly the promise of healing, came in and purchased a copy of Science and Health. He said he felt it might be a book he needed to read.

Again, a number of people have stopped and engaged in our window content – which included an article titled “Dropping the Weight of Discouragement” by Mark Swinney.  We continue to have members and others in the field come in to read the lesson or to take some quiet prayerful time.

We have had return visits from a man who likes us to say the Lord’s Prayer together.  Another girl has come in more than once to engage with us about her mental health issues.  We also researched and provided some citations for a lady who was running a meeting and who felt that some Christian truths might help smooth a bumpy way.  The selected citations (from the Bible and Mrs Eddy’s writings) covered humility, God’s government, loving our neighbour amongst other things.

We have had a number of visits from people which have highlighted the need for deep prayerful work on “Mental Health”.  To this end, we have commenced working together in the Reading Room so that we can each better and more powerfully address the situations we are confronted with.  In doing this, we plan to cover a broad range of questions.  We invite everyone in the field to pray with us to leaven this imposition on thought which manifests in so many ways in human thought.  We will keep you updated.

Here is a photo of one of our windows – we can and do change these posters regularly as the circumstances demand.



More information next month!

Thanks for your supporting prayers.

Please keep praying specifically to support the healing mission of our Reading Room.


Jenny, Pauline and Kate


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