Reading Room Fruitage September 2019

We have had our doors open at 128 Gawler Place for 12 months this October. And what a blessing!  We have seen a constant stream of enquirers through our doors – drawn in and engaged by the Cross and Crown logo, by the Pastor in the window, or another article, or the TV slide show, or just a Christ impulsion to come in.   We have sold dozens of copies of Science and Health, several copies of Science and Health on CD, Bibles, Monitors and more.  We have given away many magazines through our literature stand outside during the day.  Over this time, we have welcomed interstate and overseas visitors, including some from interstate who have visited to see what we are doing here in our new space.  The study room has been utilised through the year by some looking for a deeper inspiration. We mark up the books each week so visitors can read the lesson directly from the Pastor.  We have undertaken research on topics for people, and been able to supply them with articles, citations and references.

Just recently, a person looking for healing purchased Science and Health.  We told her to expect healing, and suggested she read it from cover to cover, including the testimonies, and then come back to talk.  She came back and talked with us, asking many questions, and has gone off to read it again.  They also purchased a copy for one of their friends in need.  This has been a repeated story during the year, with people buying more than one copy – with the idea of helping others.  A lady from Milawi in Africa came in.  She was happy to find an openly Christian place in the city, and wanted to know about the Science part.  After hearing of our healing focus, she took some literature and, recognising that she could sit in here and read, promised to return to talk again and to read about Mrs Eddy.  A man who literally had been in Australia 2 days (from Sri Lanka), came in to talk Christian things – he had just emigrated here and was off to a job interview.  Christianity is a minority in his homeland, and he was looking for something familiar.  We were able to share some truths about God’s bringing him all the way – which would include proper employment for him.

The Reading Room is about to embark on some discussion series – with those interested in taking part.  These will include opportunity for us to study and pray together about our Church and its activities.  We will be able to offer a phone in service for those who are not able to attend in person.  More information to come.

Here is a photo of some of our windows – we can and do change these posters regularly as the circumstances demand.

More information next month!

Tired, pressed, confused—
thought troubled and askew?
Seek this quiet haven
to collect, refresh, renew.

From the May 29, 1971 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


Kate Rayner





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