Prayer and Discussion – Monthly Meeting in the Reading Room – NEW!!

The Reading Room is commencing a series of prayer focus meetings about Church.  The discussion topics will be drawn from The Manual of The Mother Church.  Come and join us!

Meeting: Thursday 24th October 12.30 to 1.30pm 

Where:  Reading Room, 128 Gawler Place

This Month’s Focus:

The Office of Board of Directors of The Mother Church

Article 1 Section 1 of the Church Manual makes provision for a Board of Directors.  There are a number of other parts of the Manual which touch upon matters relating to the Board of Directors.

In Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy, Irving Tomlinson writes on page 116:

“The Christian Science Board of Directors is primarily enjoined under the Church Manual to safeguard the spiritual welfare of The Mother Church.  In addition, the Directors, seeking God’s direction and guidance, elect all the officers, fill all vacancies, and conduct all the affairs of The Mother Church.  Thus, they select the Readers for the church, safeguard all funds, provide for the management of all real estate of The Mother Church, the erection of needed buildings, and see that all the affairs of the church and its trusteeships and administrative activities are conducted in accordance with the Manual.”

That is no small task!  Have you taken time to more fully consider the the Office of The Board of Directors of The Mother Church – to consider the deeply spiritual role that the Directors play in the church?  

How do we think of them?  How should we think of them?  Knowing that thought influences the world, are we offering all the help we can to the Board?   

At our meeting, we will spend some time sharing what we have each discovered about the role of the Board.  You may have researched further in the Manual, the Bible, Mrs Eddy’s writings, JSH Online, the MBE Library or in any one of the published books of the CSPS – and uncovered something which helped you to pray and support them in a broader and deeper sense than just of some people in a job humanly managing church affairs.  (Just a reminder that there is a goldmine of resources for you to sift through in the Reading Room!)

Bring your lunch, your research, a willingness to share and your prayerful thought.  If you would like to attend the meeting via phone, please contact the Reading Room up to the day before the meeting to advise of your intention.  The meeting will last for approximately one hour.

If you have any questions, ring the Reading Room on 8223 3230.


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