Prayer and Discussion – Monthly Meeting in the Reading Room – CS Lectures – Tuesday 21st January

The Reading Room is conducting a series of prayer focus meetings about Church.  The discussion topics will be drawn from The Manual of The Mother Church.  Come and join us!

Meeting: Tuesday 21st January 2020 12.30 to 1.30pm 

Where:  Reading Room, 128 Gawler Place

This Month’s Focus:

Christian Science Lectures

We all know about the provision in the Manual of The Mother Church for the Board of Lectureship – Articles 31 and 32 – pages 93 to 96.  Have you ever taken time to consider more deeply the spiritual nature and the leavening effect on the world of these lectures – and the part we individually play in this activity?

This coming month – on Tuesday 21st January, we will tackle the question of how to more spiritually consider CS Lectures and how we can best support them.

As usual, there are a lot of research points available for you to start your in depth study – and there is also a quiet supportive atmosphere in the Reading Room for you to delve more deeply into this question using all the available resources.  Everyone is welcome! (We are open 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.)

At our meeting, we will spend some time sharing what we have each discovered about the the questions surrounding CS Lectures.  The meeting will cover:

  • spiritual inspiration from prayerful work on last month’s topic;
  • discussion of the relevant Manual provisions (not limited to the Articles already mentioned) relating to lectureship;
  • discussion of any Journal/Sentinel/Monitor articles – or any writings of Mrs Eddy etc which you may have  found to broaden our consideration of the issues of CS Lectures;

So come and spend some time in your Reading Room in January – and do some research – who knows what you may uncover.  Some preparatory work is encouraged  – but everyone is welcome to come – even just to listen.

Bring your lunch, your research, a willingness to share and your prayerful thought.  If you would like to attend the meeting via phone, please contact the Reading Room up to the day before the meeting to advise of your intention.  The meeting will last for approximately one hour.

If you have any questions, ring the Reading Room on 8223 3230.


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