Prayer and Discussion – Monthly Meeting in the Reading Room – The Manual – Thursday 26th March 12.30pm

When:  Thursday 26th March 12.30 to 1.30pm

Where:  Reading Room 128 Gawler Place

What:  The Church Manual

So far, we have had four very interesting research discussions on topics from our Church Manual.  

It is important to keep in our thought the motive for these meetings – and how we can best contribute.  As part of Church, the Christian Science Reading Room is “…found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas…” (Science and Health p 583:15-17).  These particular monthly discussions are designed to help open our individual thought to consider more spiritually what Mrs Eddy set down in the Manual (our guide to Christian fellowship) and how we might be more obedient to these demands. 

Because these meetings are held in the Reading Room, it is important to maintain both the research and discussion within what is already present in a Reading Room.  Each participant is asked to research the monthly topic using the following tools:

  • The Manual;
  • The Bible;
  • Mrs Eddy’s Writings;
  • Articles from the CSPS;
  • Any other Authorised literature held in the Reading Room.

Your research may uncover a different perspective or a fresh way to consider a familiar topic.  (You may well find that you need to limit your own research to a particular aspect of the topic because there is simply so much to consider.)  Each participant is asked to bring to the discussion something that has resonated with them from their research. Some months there will be specific questions, other months may be more broad in their scope.  You will be asked to share your findings.  This simple sharing of our research will broaden the base for our ongoing individual developing thought.  

Research within the 5 areas above will bring to light the rich and vast resources within the Church to help form our budding understanding.  Opinions and personal interpretations can’t really have a place in this sharing of research.

This month, I have attached an article by Blanch Hersey Hogue.  THE CHURCH MANUAL  : Christian Science Sentinel

In Miscellany, Mrs Eddy writes:

“The article on the Church Manual by Blanche Hersey Hogue, in the Sentinel of September 10 [1910] is practical and scientific, and I recommend its careful study to all Christian Scientists.”  (My. 237:21)

Based on the above, as well as considering the attached article  this month we will look specifically at two provisions in Article 8 – Discipline.  Please look at Sections 15 and 16 (page 44/45 of the Manual).  Bring some relevant research for discussion and your lunch.  See you there. 


There will be hard copies of the article at the Sunday Service.  If you have any questions, contact Kate at the Reading Room 8223 3230.


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