Looking for a new home for some CS literature or books?

We all have Christian Science literature and books to re-home from time to time.  There are many articles and testimonies from those who have found Science through literature at laundromats, second hand book shops and I am sure you have all read of others.

“At the local laundromat, I found a few Sentinels with “You May Take This With You” stickers on them. Once I [had] started reading them, I felt like I really understood what I read. They brought me such a joy and spiritual education (cover to cover). I have been uplifted and inspired. They are like an encouraging book that keeps on giving to me. They are cheerful givers, and I feel like a cheerful receiver.

I look forward to reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and the Christian Science Hymnal, which I have joyously purchased.” (Extract from…Letters – CS Journal October 1994)


“On the day my friend passed on, we all sat around her bed, and I was aware of her fear, as well as my own. That mental picture stayed with me for many weeks until one weekend I was walking my dogs in Fremantle (the port city where I live), and I stopped to browse through a basket of books outside a secondhand bookshop. I picked up a book with a blue cover that had the word Health in the title. That was really all I saw. It cost $2.50. I bought it, not knowing anything about Christian Science or Mary Baker Eddy.

A week later I read the first chapter of Science and Health on “Prayer”—and that was my first healing. I felt as though the author was talking directly to me; it was such a profound experience. From what I understand now, my thought had been touched by the Christ.” (Extract from “It began with finding the book” CS Sentinel May 9 2011)


What an opportunity for all of us to cast our own seed far and wide for others to find.  In this spirit of desire to share into our communities, we are asking that, as a first step, everyone looks within their own area for opportunities to place books or literature.  Of course, this would start with individual prayerful work.  We would love feedback from anyone as to where the spiritual inspiration has come – so that we can share with others.  So do send us your feedback.  You can email the Reading Room at RroomCSAdelaide@gmail.com. If you need them, we can also supply you with sheets of labels that you can place on/in the item to help people find more information.  Please just let us know and we will post some to you.

If you have any early editions, rare books, good quality leather bound Bibles or books of Mrs Eddy’s, we are most happy to take those and re-home them for you when the opportunity arises – or to keep with our rare book collection in the study room.

Tried – and can’t place your periodicals/books? – We will take them.  Of course, they must be in good condition (and periodicals not marked or written in).  As a general rule, we can no longer accept concordances, as the internet seems to have superseded any demand for the print versions.

Please drop anything you have to 128 Gawler Place between 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please ring (8223 3230), email, or visit us.

Kate Rayner
Christian Science Reading Room

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