Lecture Update

We engaged Alexandre Fischer from Paris, France to lecture for us in April.  His trip has been postponed.  In the mean time, we have asked him to present a live online lecture event around the same time as we had planned our in person lecture.  (He will still come and talk in person later on.)  His lecture is “How Spiritual Perception Brings Healing.”

Everyone who has a mobile phone, tablet, smart tv, laptop or computer (with streaming capabilities and enough data) will be able to access the lecture from home, and there will be opportunity for Q&A at the end of the lecture.  We will be considering advertising on Facebook as well as sending out flyers for people to perhaps put in letterboxes around their areas.  This will still enable us to maintain social distancing guidelines.

We are still firming up arrangements with Alex and will keep you informed through Feedsy.  So keep an eye out!

Any questions – ring the Reading Room on 8223 3230


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