Reading Room Events for January 2019

Hi everyone!

In December, we showed “Can We Learn to Love” – a Christmas Eve 2017 talk by John Tyler CSB.  Viewers left with fresh inspiration to let go of the human sense of love and to push out to a diviner sense.

January in the Reading Room…This month, we will have two presentations from past Annual meetings which deal with embracing Church activities in the complete expression and demonstration of our own understanding and desire to fulfil the Manual requirements for Branch Churches.

Thursday 10th January 1.00pm –

Come and join us to view a replay of “Reading Rooms and Sunday schools in Today’s World” a replay from the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Come and consider the contemporary relevance of Sunday School and the Reading Room – and their importance in the fullness and completeness of the Divine expression of Church.   How can we move forward today?  Please feel free to bring your lunch (approx 1 hr 45 min).

See you there!

Tuesday 22nd January 12.30pm –

Join us in listening to the “Church Activities Workshop” a replay from the 2016 Annual Meeting.  Consider further the idea of church as a community. Do we need church?  Ponder and cherish the ideas of the purpose, power and potential of church.  (just under 2 hours).


February will be Christian Science Monitor Month in the Reading Room – more information later.

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