Reading Room Events for February 2019

Hi everyone!

In January, we showed “Reading Rooms and Sunday¬†schools in Today’s World” a replay from the 2018 Annual Meeting. ¬†For those of you who would still like to view this, it is available online here¬†

We also played “Church Activities Workshop” a replay from the 2016 Annual Meeting.¬†

February in the Reading Rooms Christian Science Monitor Month…Our activities this month will include a talk from the 2017 Annual Meeting and a discussion workshop to familiarise ourselves more deeply with the Christian Science Monitor – one of 3 publications Mary Baker Eddy authorised to speak to mankind. ¬†For more information on the focus of Christian Science Monitor Month – check out this Feedsy article – click here!

Thursday 7th February 1.00pm

Come and join us to view a replay of “Christian Science Monitor – Uplifting the Spirit of Humanitya replay from the 2017 Annual Meeting.

This replay focuses on the introduction of the Monitor Daily Рand the reasons behind it.  Come and find out more that sits behind the workings of the Christian Science Monitor.  Can news be an oasis?  How does the CS Monitor respond to news stories?  Come and join in as we explore some Monitor background.  This video is 1hr 15 mins.

See you there!

Thursday 21st February 12.30pm

Come and join our first ever Christian Science Monitor monthly squaretable discussion!  This is planned for 1 hour duration.

We thought we would look briefly at how we can interact with the CS Monitor online – what is available to engage us in the world – and how we can access it. ¬†In addition, we will be discussing the topic ¬†“In a world of polarised opinions of Donald Trump, can we find a deeper view through the Monitor?”

For those who wish to attend Рthere will be some preparation (like a book discussion group Рyou have to read the book!!).  Leading up to the date, you can get your free copy of the Monitor with article(s) about Mr Trump.  Included will be a list of questions which will form the basis of our discussion.  Free copies will be available at the Reading Room or at the Sunday Services in the two weeks leading up to the event.  This preparation is highly recommended to get the best out of this workshop.

See you there!


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