Do You Ever Wonder if Mrs Eddy said or wrote something that is attributed to her?

We know that all the works attributed to Mrs Eddy published by the Christian Science Publishing Society are authenticated.  Have you come across any writings outside of the CSPS published works which are attributed to Mrs Eddy, but you are not sure and want to check that the article is hers?

The Mary Baker Eddy Library  have an “Ask a Researcher” section on their website  You can email the researchers your questions and they will research it for you and reply.  (There is about a 6 week turnaround time on some enquiries so be patient!) What the researchers have found is that there are some regularly asked questions – so they have put the researched answers on the website for everyone to use.  If you have time to browse, there is some interesting reading – but if you have a specific question – the answer may already be there.

To get you started, here is a link to a random page of researched questions – covering things like whether the finial on The Mother Church is a pineapple or a pine cone; and the authorship of an article called “Money Thought”.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the link page, you will see that you can choose other pages for yourself.  Happy reading!

If you have any questions for a researcher – you can email the MBE Library


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