Church Services Information Jan 2021

Sunday Services:

In person Sunday Church services are held at the WEA – Cottage A at 10.30am.  We will continue in Cottage A each Sunday until at least the end of March 2021.

We ALSO Zoom our Sunday services so if you can’t get there in person, you can connect with us via Zoom. Check out the information below if you would like to connect remotely with us.

We have a Covid-Safe Plan and meet all the government requirements for our church services.  You will have to CHECK IN at the meeting.  Check-in is mandatory and can be done via the MySAGov app or you can check in manually.


Wednesday Testimony Meetings:

For the moment, Testimony Meetings at 7pm Wednesday will continue to be ZOOM ONLY.   You can connect with the meetings using the information below.


On Zoom, each meeting will open 15 minutes before commencement of the service.

This is how you can get into the meeting:

Topic: Sunday/Wednesday Church
Time: Sunday 10.30am, Wednesday 7pm

If you are logging on to Zoom on this device where you are reading your email, you can just click this link:

If you are Zooming on a different device or are having trouble with the link above, just open your Zoom App, go to “Join Meeting” and enter the following information:
Meeting ID: 846 4114 1244
Password: 266

If you are dialling in on the telephone from anywhere in SA, call 7150 1149  and enter the following information::
Meeting ID: 846 4114 1244
Password: 266
If you are dialling in from somewhere outside of SA you can find your local number:

If you need any help, please ring Kate at the Reading Room during business hours (Monday to Friday 9 to 5) on 8223 3230.


If you would like to contribute to our Sunday collection you can contribute through the below bank account:

BANK ACCOUNT for Sunday Collection and Donations:

Sunday collection and any donations can be made to the following:
BSB 182-512
ACC 967959495

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