Christmas Cheer in the Reading Room

We thought you might like to see the windows in the Reading Room leading up to Christmas.  Just click on each photo to see them in more detail. As well as the new  nativity, we added a set of slides particular to Christmas on our 24/7 slideshow.

There was plenty of interest in our windows and lots of people stopped and some came in to talk further.  During the really hot spell, we used the space available on our A Frame sign to invite people in for a cup of cold water.  We had several takers who were grateful for the offering.  In an article by Mary Trammell, she says:

One of the fundamental purposes of a Christian Science Reading Room is to give all the people who walk into it a taste of “home”—a taste of the kingdom of God within them, a taste of God’s immeasurable power and love. And they take that understanding of God’s nearness and dearness (and of their own preciousness and perfectness in God’s sight) with them when they leave.

And further

But the essence of a Reading Room is something beyond even that. It has more to do with the feeling of holy hospitality in the hearts of the church members. It has to do with their confidence that the pastor of Christian Science has the power to shepherd all humanity toward their real home, toward the kingdom of heaven within them.

If you click the highlighted link below you can read the whole article.

The Christian Science Reading Room—a place to come home to  : Christian Science Sentinel



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