Christian Science Monitor Month in the Reading Room

The Christian Science Monitor was the final piece put into place by Mary Baker Eddy in her outreach to mankind through The First Church of Christ, Scientist.  Mrs Eddy was immoveable in keeping the name Christian Science in the title.  Advisors thought that the paper would have a much wider influence, “if you would take those provocative and limiting words ‘Christian Science’ out of its title.”  (p49 Commitment to Freedom – E Canham).  It was recognised that to reach into those closed sections of society by amending the name would sacrifice the necessary love and affection of the church members and consequently their support.

As we know, the purpose of the CS Monitor is “To injure no man, but to bless all mankind.”  Mrs Eddy wanted the paper to be conducted as a general newspaper, not a sectarian publication – but one which was neither devoid of a spiritual message (contained in the Home Forum), nor of a spiritual basis for its work.

Do we support the CS Monitor in the same way we do with the CS Journal, or the CS Sentinel?  The CS Monitor certainly helps us to engage with the world as it is and to witness the leavening of all human thinking.  But it can tend to fall off our radar.  Why is this?  Why was Mrs Eddy so insistent that the paper be established and so quickly once her decision had been made (only 100 days from decision to first edition)?  Do we really get its fundamental importance?  We hope this month to look at some of these questions.

Our focus in our first CS Monitor Month in the Reading Room is twofold:

  • Through our window display, we take our first steps to “position correctly in the thought of the passers by, the current importance and value to their world view, of the CS Monitor.”
  • Through our activities, we take our first steps to “foster a deeper discussion of the value of the CS Monitor to the world, to our local community and to each of us individually.”

The activities for the month can be found by clicking here.

We look forward to this , what we hope to be an annual event.



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