A Gift Worth Giving – Christmas Ideas from the Reading Room

The Reading Room is full of Christmas gift inspiration:

Boundless Light brings together more than 85 poems from the archives of the Publishing Society in a beautiful clothbound book. Filled with poetry that is brimming with healing insights, this book is an inspiring read for anyone who loves poetry and wants to curl up and drink in the messages.  $38.50



“Hope,” “Woman’s Rights,” and “Resolutions for the Day” are just some of the titles in this inspiring book of verse by Mary Baker
Eddy. Contains 48 of her original poems written from childhood through early adult life. $25.75



What about a words only hymnal?  The inspiring religious poetry that comprises the lyrics of all 174 hymns found in the Chrisian Science Hymnal: Hymns 430-603. The Hymnal brings together a collection of poems––both contemporary and traditional––with which we unite in church services, as well as through individual prayer, to worship and praise God. Only $17.20




We have some lovely gift cards in stock – for use any time of the year to give gratitude, compassion, thanks, or whatever someone may need.  Set of 3 starting at $15.00



Consider a beautiful new leather Science and Health, Holy Bible, Prose Works or Manual – with markers for your lesson. A family heirloom.



Or some children’s books – starting from $18.50 – for the littlies in your life.



  • Know someone who might like to try JSH Online?  Buy a 3 month gift subscription card for $90.
  • DON’T FORGET OUR BUY A SCIENCE AND HEALTH AND RECEIVE A FREE STERLING EDITION OFFER – So you can share the Christ message this Christmas! Click here for more information.

COME IN and spend some time browsing through our stock for just the right gift this Christmas!  And while you are here take some time to sit and consider the Reading Room’s purpose for humanity as we move into the new year.


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