Interfaith – How and Why is it Relevant?

“New occasions for interfaith and ecumenical dialogues bring new opportunities. Any number of times I have wished for “do-overs” in conversations, learning how I would ask a question or say something in a different, even better way the next time.

I recently learned to appreciate what have felt like missteps in my interfaith and ecumenical conversations. This appreciation came about when I came across a TED Talk presented by the Three Interfaith Amigos: a Jewish Rabbi-Ted Falcon, a Muslim Imam-Jamal Rahman, and a Christian Pastor Don MacKenzie. They came together shortly after 9/11 to begin conversations among themselves about their different religious traditions and how to bring healing to the world……” READ MORE

The ‘circle of faith’ is part of the Committee on Publication work at The Mother Church – are some great resources on this page to get you thinking about engagement with the broader Christian community.


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